The Friday Five

Oh hey guys I joined a new community called thefridayfive

1. What is your favorite song right now? Why? I always used to say my favourite song of all time was 'Gone Away' by The Offspring but at the minute I'm listening to a lot of Massive Attack, I watched a move the other day that I hadn't seen in a while and a Massive Attack song was in the soundtrack, that really got me into them again. For anyone who wants to know the film was Blade II and the song was 'I Against I'.

2. What genre of music makes you the happiest? Dance or RnB music probably, because the music is always so upbeat and I normally listen to that kind of music before a night out to get me pumped up! It always makes me smile dancing around my room while getting ready and listening to a good dance song

3. What would you name your band and what kind of music would you play? Wow thats a tough one. I don't know what we would be called but I would probably play a lot of rock songs. Haha girl power songs like Gwen Stefani and Pink, I love singing along to their songs!

4. What is your favorite lyric of all time? Why? "It feels like Heavens so far, now that you've gone away". I love those lyrics, from 'Gone Away' by the Offspring. I've heard a lot of rumours about what the song is actually about so all I really know is that its about someone the singer lost in an accident a while ago. Such sad lyrics but such uplifting music, I can listen to that song no matter how I'm feeling.

5. What band/artist could you never live without? Why? Well the bands I probably couldn't live without are Linkin Park, Korn, Placebo, Nine inch Nails & Muse. And the reason is because I've loved all of these beands since I actually started listening to music properly (just before my teens). Linkin Park and Korn mostly, because like most kids I had a few problems (bullying, arguing parents) which lasted a while and I could always remember listening to those bands and just forgetting about everything. Corny I know but so true!

If you guys haven't joined this group then I strongly recommend it. OR you can just steal my questions and post them in my comments or your journals, I really wanna see your answers too :)

A winner is Me!

Ok so I was drunk the other night and thought this was the most hilarious thing I've ever seen...

Collapse )

I then sobered up and realised its still awesome!

Why?.....Just why?!?!

I would also like to tell you all that I came first at Bowling tonight, the first ever game of bowling I've ever actually won!

AND we all had our names as famous rap artists on the scoreboard (I was Dr Dre), and the guy behind the desk put a playlist on featuring songs by all those artists, how awesome?!?!?! Maybe next time we go we will all put our names as heavy metal bands...hehe

Finally have a Sunday afternoon off work!

Yep, this is the first Sunday afternoon I've had off in about 3 months! And I'm loving it :D Even though I'm still working at 7 =O

Have you noticed my new mood theme?? I loooooove it! I also changed my layout...but I'm not keen, and I can't find any others I like, so this will have to do for now =/

Had friends over last night and then went into town for a bit of a dance, you know I can't resist ;) Katie and Ashley left early because they didn't want to pay to get into Dusk, which is understandable, I just can't resist the good music they play in there, and I know a lot of people who go aswell.

Not much to update about, nothing is really happening in the next few weeks that I can remember.

I'm reading the book based on 'The Dark Knight'. Its probably better than the film from what I've read so far, more stuff in it!

"The Joker saw the bus, about a block away, and-was this great or what?-an old lady waiting near the curb. It would be a matter of perfect timing, but the Joker loved that kind of challenge. He stood directly behind the old lady. The bus came closer, closer, just a few feet away...
The Joker let it pass.
Then he tapped the old lady on the shoulder and handed her a hundred-dollar bill."


*edit* My leg is absolutely killing from last night! Joanna decided to impale me with her high heels and now I have an enormous gash on the side of my leg, kind of like a super sized papercut, owie =( Anyway...that is all x x x


Today I shall be going to see The Dark Knight for the Sixth time.

My work community laughs upon me for they do not appreciate such complex films and diverse acting. Their movie appreciation spans as far as Adam Sandler in the Waterboy, I care not for such twaddle!

Ignore me, I'm talking crap because I'm not a morning person, and I don't eat breakfast. And I have work all afternoon!

Ps. If you are tired of hearing about TDK, its probably best for you to not read my journal for the rest of the week, just a thought ;)

Pps. I'm not an Adam Sandler fan, just so you know!

Layout update

Yes...I know everyone is going crazy for the Joker and its starting to get a bit old for all you Americans. But here in the UK the craze is just beginning, as the film only came out on Thursday!

So I decided to pay tribute with a layout, I didn't make it so ya know. It probably won't be my layout for long, but its just so darn COOL!

Ok its late, and I was supposed to go out tonight but I couldn't be bothered after working all day, and then all day tomorrow. + I have no money!

So yeah...early night for me!

Nighty nighty x x x

I lol'd

Quote of the day:


Yes I've now seen TDK 3 times in 2 days <3 I am officially obsessed!

I got woken up at 9 this morning, THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MY ONLY LIE IN OF THE WEEK *ANGST*!!!!!!!